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Why Queer Ceilidh?
English ceilidh dance is a genre that emphasises the sociability of dances. It is often -- almost always -- called gender-free, and everyone is encouraged to partner with whoever they like. In this context, queerness becomes not about who you partner with, but how we relate to one another. WinQeilidh welcomes everyone, encourages consent culture, and teaches with queer-friendly, non-binary assumptions about the dancers as well as the dances.

What kind of dances do we do?
It really depends on the night, but we might do barn dances from English and American traditions, contra or Playford dances, Irish or Scottish ceilidh dances, Scandinavian or other international folk dances, French/bal dances, Irish sets, American swing, or couple dances like waltz and polka. We might even invent our own dances!

Who goes?
We meet at the Winchester School of Art, and our regular series is free for students from any university. We welcome all dancers, though (under 14s must be accompanied by an adult). We also welcome enquiries from student musicians who have some experience playing for folk dance; our regular live music is the inspired work of Linda Game, known around the country and beyond for her outstanding folk fiddle playing.

When and where is WinQ?

In Spring 2023, we're meeting approximately every other Wednesday, from 6:30-8pm:

We meet in Building 63P at the Winchester School of Art (SO23 8DL). Enter the School of Art site on Park Avenue and turn right into the car park just past the South building. Continue through the first section of the car park and look right: Building 63P is just through a gate.

You can also find us on social media:

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