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Louise Siddons, Dance Caller

Photo of Louise calling a dance for a longways set of dancers

I am a contra, ceilidh, and English country dance caller based in the south of England (UK). I began calling in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in 2008.

As a caller and dance instructor, I strive to create a dance experience and atmosphere that is welcoming, fun, and at an appropriate skill level for the dancers present. My stage presence is low-key and light-hearted.

I believe that one of the greatest strengths of traditional dance is its adaptability and responsiveness to the needs of those dancing. Since 2017, I have primarily been using positional calling (without role terms, gendered or otherwise), and although I defer to organisers, I prefer gender-free calling. I favor descriptive terminology over jargon, and respect contemporary international sensibilities regarding language choice.

More About Me

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, the Historical Tea and Dance Society of Pasadena, California, organized talks with major figures in the social folk dance world, titled "5 Things in the Dancing Mind of..." I was honored to be their guest on September 15, 2020. You can watch it here.